About Edo AgriHub

Edo AgriHub (EDAH) is an Agricultural portal that aims to map existing farms and farm produces in Edo State, Nigeria with a view to gathering data, visualising and opening up the Agricultural systems in the state consequently, attracting investors and sharing in farmers’ success stories.

This portal was established because the industry’s information needs were not fully serviced. Accurate, complete and timely information is absolutely essential to the industry’s decisions makers at various levels. In addition, from the engagement we had with our local individual farmers and some cooperative agencies, they all agreed that they want a platform to project their activities, get informed on best practices, also access opportunities and investors within the sector.

Open Data Institute (ODI) supports this project financially, in collaboration with the implementers of the project; Information Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), Ministry of Agriculture and State Bureau of Statistics all part of the Edo State Government.

What We Hope To Achieve

  • EDAH will serve to help farmers with the relevant information they need to work better.
  • People will be better informed about the Agriculture sector and subsequently see opportunities for investment and probably spur more innovation in the sector.
  • Growth in the sector would invariably mean more jobs, businesses and economic growth.
  • This will go to prove the relevance of open data and how utilisation of data can spur economic growth


Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss how we could work with you to help your business, organisation or sector to tackle challenges with data, please get in touch:
Email: edoagrihub@gmail.com | EDAH@edostate.gov.ng  Tweets @us: @EdoAgriHub Telephone:+2348150866053