Agri Businesses

AgriBusinesses has a major stake in our operation. We give you up-to-date data of agribusinesses in Edo State. Investors grap the world of opportunities in Edo State through our up-to-date data of agribusinesses. Entrepreneurs in agriculture also use this platform to showcase their businesses. You can be involved.


Below are some Agripreneurs/Investors with commitment in Agricultural within Edo State.

Name of Organisation/ Sector Value chain
Investor Rice/Cassava Grains
PricewaterhouseCoopers Grains
Uhuru Farms Ltd Grains
Agroserve – Shoreline Grains
Sahel Capital Partners Grains
Bendel Agro Ventures Grains
ICMG Grains
Uniglobe Grains
Pemo Farms Ltd Grains
Agrotech Value Chain Grains
Olam Grains
Nigeria Breweries Plc Grains
Sustainable Agriculture, Guiness Plc Grains
Diageo Grains
Nestle Grains
Pan African Agriculture Grains
Dangote Rice Grains
BUA Group Grains
Zenith Bank Plc Grains
Sahel Capital Partners Grains
Jain Irrigation Grains

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