Having in mind that Agriculture is a strategic and fundamental sector which is pivotal to the overall growth and development of the economy, the State’s Agricultural policy provides a synthesis of the framework and action plan of Edo State Government designed to achieve growth and development.

The State Policy is formulated in tandem with the National Policy on Agriculture. The policy thrust of the State is geared towards achieving the following:

  1. Attaining self sufficiency in the production of basic food commodities;
  2. Producing raw materials to meet the growing needs of an expanding Agro-industry;
  3. Producing and processing agricultural commodities for export using improved production and processing technology;
  4. Generating gainful employment opportunities for the economy and stemming rural-urban drift through improvement in infrastructure facilities in the rural areas; and
  5. Providing improved varieties of other inputs and techniques that will accelerate the achievement of the above stated goals.

To achieve agri-business investment boost in the state, the Government has come up with new agricultural policy direction thus:

  • Premium assessed on Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) be computed but waived as an incentive to investors in farming activities in Edo State.
  • That moratorium be granted on Land Use Charge for farm lands developed for crop production as follows:
    1. Seasonal Crops: A moratorium of one year for land developed for the cultivation of all seasonal crops
    2. Perennial Crops except for Rubber: Moratorium of 2 years on payment of Land Use Charge
    3. Rubber: Moratorium of 3 years
  • In cases of existing farmers in the areas to be acquired by Government, an alternative land measuring at minimum, twice the only previously held, be offered for relocation of farmers under the out-growers scheme