Name of Organisation or Sector

Name of Organisation/ Sector Value chain
Investor World Bank Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Investor Rubber Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Investor Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Investor Cocoa Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Investor Oil Palm (Presco) Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Okomu Oil Palm Company Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Investor Oil Palm Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
NIFOR Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Agripalm Ltd Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
De United Foods Industries Ltd Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Saturn Farms Ltd Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Global Farms Ltd. Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Amg Petroenergy Limited Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Nosak Farms Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Global Plantations Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Artery Resources Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Ag-Equip (Juba Farms) Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
A.N. Hatman Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Doreo Partners Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Min. of Environment Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
Utilities and Cocoa Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
General Manager Tree Crops Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa
PM (Communal Farms) Oilpalm/Rubber/Cocoa